Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Second Vision

My sister, Kristin, just launched a fabulous new website called Second Vision. It's all about what to do when you expected your life to turn out one way, but you were delivered a curveball and life took you in an entirely different direction. It's not so much the challenges or adversities that we face as the way that we face them that's important because everybody has something in this life, whether it's unemployment, divorce, loss of a loved one, illness, disability or serious injury, or simple ennui and discontent with one's job, marriage or relationship. Or in the case of D'Amour Road, a friend goes missing and you fear that she may be dead.

Check out Kristin's site and read about her own personal story. As a young woman, she left New York City with dreams of becoming an actress in Hollywood. Shortly after she arrived she was told that she had a degenerative retinal condition that would slowly rob more and more of her sight until eventually she was totally blind. Imagine hearing that news! How terrifying. But Kristin continued to work for more than 20 years in the "biz" and when she left several years ago, she became a fundraiser for the Center for the Partially Sighted in Los Angeles. She hosts a weekly Internet radio show called Second Vision for AIRSLA, an Internet reading service for the blind (http://www.airsla.org/lowdown.asp), which rivals Oprah Magazine and Reader's Digest in terms of ratings.

Her homepage is at http://secondvision.net/. Visit her and don't forget to come back and leave comments.

Sigrid Mac