Monday, March 08, 2010

Aside from dealing with missing women and domestic violence, D'Amour Road takes a frank, endearing and humorous look at the aging process. 39-year-old married Tara falls head over heels for hunky 24-year-old Alain. Midlife is a bitch! I'd rather be one of those balding guys who buys a phallic shaped car rather than an otherwise normal woman who becomes slightly crazy right before she turns 40, and begins obsessing about her weight, the color of her hair, and the attention of a much younger guy.
D'Amour Road is available for free as an online novel. Check it out at Smashwords: or Online Novels at It's Kindle-friendly and will work on a variety of devices. And the book is still in print!

If you like D'Amour Road, please review it on Amazon, and buy a paperback copy for a friend as a gift. Thanks so much and happy reading. Sigrid Mac