Thursday, March 17, 2005

Scott Peterson Sentenced to Death

The long, emotionally draining wait for justice for Laci and Conner Peterson has come to an end with the decision of Judge Alfred A. Delucchi to sentence Scott Peterson to death. As much as I mourn the loss of a beautiful young woman and her unborn child, I cannot condone the penalty.

I have always been opposed to the death penalty under all circumstances. It is disproportionately applied to blacks in the United States and to poor people. Former Governor George Ryan of Illinois wrote a long diatribe about the number of people on death row that were later proven to be innocent upon appeal. You can read that story on my Milgaard Inquiry blog at . While he was the Governor, Ryan declared a moratorium on the death penalty and I support his stance.

I know that many people may disagree with my beliefs and I respect their right to do so. Debate is healthy. I am happy to respectfully disagree with others. If you want to express your opinion on the Peterson trial, please sign my guestbook.

Ultimately, I hope that this unfortunate but final decision will bring some peace to the Rocha family.

Although Canada no longer has the death penalty, public sentiment towards prisoners is rife with antipathy. There is always the chance that capital punishment could be reinstated. Poor Stephen Truscott was just a teenager when he was sentenced to death by hanging, and most of us in AIDWYC believe Truscott to be innocent.

There is a chance of executing an innocent man, or someone who committed an offense as a juvenile, or the most appalling circumstance of all: administering a lethal injection to the mentally retarded. One such inmate in Texas was given his last supper and told the guard that he was going to save his dessert for later. Death penalty horror stories abound.

The evidence against Scott Peterson was entirely circumstantial. Many people think that he may be innocent (read ). This penalty is far too harsh.

Sigrid Macdonald


alix said...

Eye witness evidence is the [i]only[/i] type of evidence that is not circumstantial.

I agree with Sigrid's stance against the death penalty, but I sure wish that we had a system of sentencing like that of the States -- sequential. When I think of that Bernardo jerk getting out in 20 years (since when did "life" become 20 years!!) -- it makes me sick. If we had sequential sentencing, he'd have at least 40 years behind bars.


Sigrid Macdonald said...

So true, Alix. And Bernardo was never even charged with killing Homolka's sister or raping Jane Doe. Paul will never survive if and when he's released. I'm amazed that he has lasted this long in prison without someone assaulting him.


Sigrid Macdonald said...

Alix, Eye witness testimony is notoriously unreliable. But I totally agree re Berbnardo and sequential sentences. However, there's no way in hell they'll let him out anytime soon. Homolka will also be devoured when she's released this summer. She should find a good plastic surgeon and take off for Cuba! Sigrid