Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Mrs. Missing

There are a number of different ways that women can disappear. They can be kidnapped and murdered, or they can leave town or get married! Excuse me for being facetious tonight but this afternoon I made 32 phone calls trying to track down an old friend of mine from grad school.

Firstly, women disappear because Bell Canada encourages them not to list their full first name in the phone book. When I lived in Toronto, Bell wanted me to list my name as S. Macdonald but I refused because there were dozens of S. Macdonalds in the phone book. I knew that no one would be able to find me that way whereas everyone would find Sigrid immediately because it's so distinct.

Secondly, women fade into that huge Bermuda Triangle once they get married since they usually take on their husband's name. I seriously doubt that my good friend from grad school has been abducted by aliens, and I have ruled out her listing herself by her initial by my 32 ambitious phone calls. Thus, she either moved, had a sex change operation or got married.

I have nothing against marriage but it's awkward for everyone when women give up their maiden names -- or even their names from their first marriage -- because it makes them so damn difficult to locate. WOMEN - Sign up with so that all of your old friends can find you!

Sigrid Macdonald


Anny said...

She found me!!! And how right she is, this persistent friend (PF). Women ARE difficult to find with their various names, usually attributed by others or for a whole variety of odd reasons.

PF knew me when I was a married person who was using her husband's name. When the marriage dissolved and Mr. disappeared from my daily life, it made no sense to be Mrs. However, the usual response from our systems that don't like change, made it touch to resume my pre-marriage name.

For awhile I was a hyphenated being the slowly, slowly so as not to alarm anyone, I slid Mr.'s name off the end of polysyllabic name and few noticed.

THEN I left the big city with my new/old name and my 2 boys. They retain their father's name (of course) and wanted to be readily found by their teen friends. A choice to list the phone in their name with their initials, gave me the privacy of an unlisted number without the cost. (What IS that about paying for NOT being included???)

NOt nearly as interesting as having been abducted by aliens but that's the story and now, we are once again in contact.

Sigrid Macdonald said...

LOL. what? no rectal probes? i'm so disappointed. thanks for posting, anny! your logic re your name change makes sense. i tried to find the kids but failed. wonder why??? love ya, S.