Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Kevin Davis Had Always Been a Person of Interest In the Jennifer Teague Murder

Today, journalist Joanne Laucius from the Ottawa Citizen, pointed out similarities in arrests made in the Jennifer Teague case and the Ardeth Wood case. In both instances, the men who were eventually arrested had been on the police list of suspects or "persons of interest" since the beginning of the investigation.

Kevin Davis was interviewed only two days after Jennifer went missing but he claimed to know nothing about her disappearance and said that he had been home that evening.

Laucius wrote: "In both cases, endless hours of investigative time and hundreds of thousands of dollars were spent, only to have the final piece of the investigative puzzle fall into place by what a high school literature teacher might call the deus ex machina -- an unexpected or improbable device that resolves the plot, but leaves observers feeling unsatisfied by the way the loose ends have been tied up."

Fortunately for the police, the community and the Teague family, Davis got high on magic mushrooms earlier this month and was found wandering naked on Fallowfield Road. He was taken to the Queensway Carleton Hospital, according to Police Chief Vince Bevan, after telling several people that he had killed Jennifer Teague. When he recovered from his drug episode, he denied the veracity of the claim. However, he repeated it several days ago, for whatever reason -- speculation is that he was feeling too guilty to carry the secret any longer; however, he's gone for almost a year without spilling the beans. One wonders what prompted him to do so now.

We can only hope that this is a true confession that will provide answers for the family and the town of Barrhaven, which remains traumatized by Jennifer's murder.

Sigrid Mac

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