Friday, July 28, 2006

Change of Venue for Teague Murder?

The newspaper reported today that lawyer for Kevin Davis, the man who has been arrested in the September 2005 slaying of 18-year-old Jennifer Teague of Barrhaven, Ontario, may request a change of venue. Understandably, the lawyer, Michel Bisson, is concerned that pretrial publicity may have already adversely affected his client. Confessions tend to do that.

Bisson is waiting for more information from the Crown before he even considers such an application. He told the Ottawa Citizen that change of venues are rare and infrequently granted, but information that was released by the police at a press conference about Davis's confession may have biased too many people in Ottawa for Davis to receive a fair trial here.

Agreed. Everyone deserves a fair trial. I haven't spent 14 years working for the wrongly convicted for nothing! There are such things as false confessions and we really need more concrete evidence against Davis; however, the police did report earlier that Davis seemed to know things about the murder that were not publicized, and that fact will work against him.

Davis made a brief court appearance via video.

Sigrid Mac

***Update -- July 29. Bisson will definitely file for a change of venue and intimated that Police Chief Vince Bevan was out of line by providing too many details to the public about Kevin Davis's involvement in the Teague murder.

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