Sunday, August 20, 2006

Letter to President Bush

My friend's husband just wrote this letter to George Bush. Wonder what he'll say in return ;)


I was appalled today to hear you claim that Israel had won a victory over Hezbollah. You must be aware how shallow and inflammatory a statement like this is?

There was a cease-fire. No one was victorious in this conflict. A cease-fire is a chance for peace. Do you think your comment is conducive to this goal?

Since you took office, I have seen this country become less safe than it was before. You have used the events of 9/11 in order to further your personal and family agenda, and in doing so you have put the people of the United States at greater risk from terrorism than at any other time in our history.

Your goal of a US dominated Middle East will obviously fuel terrorism and create an environment that you will use to your advantage by creating fear among the citizens of this country.

Under your incompetent administration, the world has become a far less safe place.

I am also very suspicious of the whole spin your administration put on the events of 9/11. Your familys close ties to Saudi Arabia and the Bin Laden family can only make one question the events as related by your administration. Allowing the Bin Laden family to leave the country on 9/11 also make one question where your true loyalties are.

Your refusal to give testimony under oath to the 9/11 commissions was outrageous. Anyone who is telling the truth would not refuse to take a simple oath, which could only improve the credibility of the testimony.

Sir, I truly believe that you and your administration are the greatest threat to this country and to global peace that has ever existed. You have also attempted to undermine the US constitution, and in doing so you have violated one of your greatest responsibilities to this nation and to the world.

You claim to be a man of God, but I can see no evidence in this based on your actions. Your actions seem to be more like what one would expect of an Anti-Christ. Do you really believe that Jesus would condone any of your actions? You are not fooling me, and Im sure you are not fooling most intelligent people of the world.

Your actions and statements regarding the lead up to the Iraq invasion were lies, and I believe you knew them to be lies at the time you made the statements. The blood of thousands of innocent Iraqi people is on your hands. Meanwhile Iraq has become a terrorist training ground, and your actions have given the terrorists a true cause to fight for. Iraq was never a real threat to this country, and Saddam Hussein only existed as a leader because of US support over the past few decades.

As a citizen of this country I am deeply saddened and appalled by all that you have done, and I believe that history will show you as a dangerous and devious president who constantly lied to the people of the world in order to allow the neo-con agenda to drive the nations foreign and domestic policies.

America is now more hated around the globe than ever before. Consequently we will now be the target of extremists and terrorists to a degree never before seen.

This will be your legacy.

Robert Lawrence

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